Mariupol maternity ward bombing


The victim, who suffered a crushed pelvis and displaced hip in Russia’s assault,
died begging doctors to save her child’s life.

Russia Ukraine War Maternity Hospital

The woman and her baby died after Russia bombed the maternity hospital where
she was meant to give birth [File: Evgeniy Maloletka/AP Photo]

A pregnant woman and her baby have died after Russia bombed the Ukrainian maternity hospital where the expectant mother was meant to give birth, media reports said.
Images of the aftermath of last Wednesday’s attack showing the woman being rushed to an ambulance on a stretcher had shocked the world, epitomising the horror of the assault.

The victim cradled her bloodied belly as rescuers rushed her through the rubble in the besieged city of Mariupol,
her blanched face mirroring her shock at what had just happened.

Ukrainian authorities say the city has been subject to relentless bombardment since Russian troops surrounded it on March 2.

Since then, the roughly 400,000 people who remain in Mariupol have been left without access to water, food and medicine.
Heat and phone services – and electricity in many areas – have been cut.

The woman in the photos shot by Associated Press journalists was rushed to another hospital,
even closer to the front line, where doctors worked to keep her alive.

Realising she was losing her baby, medics said she cried out to them, “Kill me now!”

Surgeon Timur Marin found the woman’s pelvis crushed and hip detached. Medics delivered the baby via cesarean section, but it showed “no signs of life,” the surgeon said.
Then, they focused on the mother.

“More than 30 minutes of resuscitation of the mother didn’t produce results,” Marin said Saturday. “Both died.”

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