Children killed by Israeli

Israel-Palestine-Gaza War

Israel has declared its northern border with Lebanon a closed military zone after deadly clashes with Hezbollah as fears grow of the opening of another front amid an ongoing bombardment of Gaza Strip.

Israel on Sunday warned civilians not to come within about 4km (2.5 miles) of the Lebanese border or else they may be fired upon. It told people living in border areas, which are filled with small rural towns and villages, to stay near shelters.


The names are:

1. Jamil Najm al-Deen Naijm, 4
2. Alaa Abdullah Riyad Qaddoum, 5
3. Momen al-Nairab, 5
4. Haneen Abu Qaida, 8
5. Hazem Salem, 9
6. Ahmad al-Nairab, 11
7. Jamil Ihab Najim, 13
8. Muhammad Yasser Nimr al-Nabahin, 13
9. Dalia Yasser Nimr al-Nabaheen, 13
10. Mohammed Hassouna, 14
11. Hamed Haider Najim, 16
12. Nazmi Fayez Abu Karsh, 16
13. Ahmed Walid al-Farram, 16
14. Mohammed Salah Naijm, 17
15. Khalil Abu Hamada, 18

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