Our charity

Our charity


The founders of our organization are uniquely aware of what the Convention on the Rights of the Child is. How much the Rights of the Child are being violated day by day in :

1. the Internet : TIK TOK, FB and other media,
2. Sharenting : violations of children’s rights to protect their image on the Internet,
3. Illegal processing of personal data, including sensitive data,
4. lack of equal access to education and sports
5. restriction of the right to expression
6. and many others.

We are passionate about all kinds of activity. We support an active lifestyle, so we are happy to support typical competitive sports such as soccer, volleyball, and others.

Our goals are:

1. education of children and young people.
2. to protect children on the TOK ICT Platform.
3. to help make education accessible.
4. reducing inequalities in access to education.
5. education and outreach activities , concerning the improvement of knowledge and equalization of
opportunities, especially for children and youth from poor families.
6. interaction with other entities involved in the education of children and young people.
7. improving access to education for children and young people.
8. activities to improve education.
9. increasing the knowledge of children and young people especially from poor families – through educational, activating, integrating activities.
10. substantive support and cooperation with entities working for the education of children and young people, access to education and equalization of opportunities.
11 Financial support of entities carrying out educational activities for children and young people.
12 Organizing and financing sports activities for children and young people.
13 To provide financial support to children and young people to increase their access to education, including the foundation of scholarships for gifted children, children from poor families, etc.
14. supporting other foundations and social interest entities.

We are for you




Children around the world face the triple threat of Covid, conflict and the climate crisis. Now more than ever, we need to unite to push for change so that all children have the opportunity to develop.




From developing new products to save lives to inspiring employees to raise funds for emergency work, our innovative partnerships are making a real difference to children’s lives.

Click the icon to learn how we’re working with our partners to address the most important issues facing children: EDUCATION, CLIMATE, EMERGENCY.

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