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Who we are and what we are doing now
Project linked to saving children in Ukraine


The world is at war, Ukraine is at war and the coronavirus pandemic is hitting children and the poorest countries in the world. Every day millions of children in Ukraine and around the world are at risk and go to bed hungry. A child dies every 20 seconds in the world due to hunger (analysis). We can all prevent this.

We are an organization founded in 2017 (a transformative non-profit organization) with the aim to “save children from suffering in all forms, especially children in Ukraine in times of war”.

Our work spans Ukraine, Poland and Scotland, enabling us to transform the lives of these children in the face of unimaginable circumstances. We work directly with children and their families to get to know their real stories. We make sure their voices are heard and their needs and desires are respected. We fight for the justice that every child deserves. We work to change the lives of the most vulnerable, with a particular focus on the plight of women and children in Ukraine and Ukrainians in Poland.

We are not affiliated with the English organization Save The Children. We are a transparent organization registered with Companies House under number SC561605.

We are a charity in the context of our work in transition (CIC transition), helping war orphans and children in need from all over the world, aiming to give every child living in war or poverty the best possible chance of a safe life. we also help children to access education, better sanitation and health after relocating from war zones in Ukraine to Poland and beyond.

All donations will go to Save The Children’s emergency operation in Ukraine, enabling our teams to put resources where they are needed most.


Children in the UK


More than 12,000 vulnerable children have been relocated to the UK during the war. We strive to reach wherever it is needed.


Poland activities


Our charity works in critical situations. A critical situation is when we see that there are cases of : Violations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child : OJ 1991.120.526 : -.

1. 1999.09.02 amended OJ 2000.2.11 general
2. 2012.12.15 amended Dz.U.2012.1333 art. 1
3. 2013.03.04 amended wyn. with Dz.U.2013.677 general

Legal basis: CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1989 (Journal of Laws of 23 December 1991) W imieniu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej. THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND.

We act for the good of all children.






Legal Notes:

1. using www.SaveChildren.scot in bad faith to discriminate against the organisation or to steal may constitute an international crime.


Headquarters and branches:


UK office address: 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4AN
T +44.20.328.17.17+ E SupporterCare@SaveChildren.scot

EU office address: 87 Grzybowska Street, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland
T + E SupporterCare@SaveChildren.scot


Support information:


If you have a problem, please contact us on the number below or use the send button.

T +44.20.328.17.17+
The lines are open from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

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