About us


We are responsible and persistent to save Children and Youth in today’s world.

We are responsible and persistent in saving Children and Youth in today’s world. We are Volunteers. On a daily basis, we work in the same Group of Companies. We live in Poland, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Ukraine, Croatia.

Currently, we work for Children in Scotland, England and Wales, Ireland, Ukraine and Poland. We help families and children live safely in the new world, wherever there is armed conflict or war.

Due to the growing threats to children on the Internet (TIK TOK, FACEBOOK), we have taken a number of actions:

1. Troubleshooting violations of children’s rights to image protection;
2. We track pedophilic behavior;
3. We track down fake collections;
4. We help and share knowledge;
5. We report hate speech using images of children.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been working every day to create a safe world for children and their families. Now we fight every day to maintain the peace, security and integrity of society.

We are an organization (in the process of becoming a CIC in Scotland). As we developed, we joined forces to create: PROTECT CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AND SAVE FOUND CHILDREN. with its registered office at 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4AN, and our capital is GBP 100,000.

Do what you love.

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