Who is a volunteer


They are people who voluntarily and without remuneration provide help, engage in work for the benefit of people and institutions operating in various areas of social life. They can be found, among others, in orphanages, hospices, social welfare homes, museums and animal shelters. They work in public institutions, non-governmental organisations, cultural and sports institutions and many others. They are volunteers.

Before undertaking such activities, it is useful to know what volunteering is. Everyone has their own idea of volunteering – some associate it with accompanying the sick, the disabled, rehabilitation, caring for children in orphanages or hospitals. For others, volunteering is about collecting money, food, free legal advice, translation. Everyone builds their associations about volunteering on the basis of previous experiences. It is worth bringing this concept down to a common denominator, to give the distinguishing features of voluntary work.

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Be an ambassador

Open your own new Foundation branch in your country. Do it wherever help is needed. Write and call us and we will help you. 

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Host an event


Do you have any ideas? Organise an exhibition, book a concert. Invite famous people, we can help you organise an event.

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Become a volunteer

Volunteer here to support our mission. Donate your time, knowledge and skills to serve those most in need with us


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