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Every day we help with the charity actions of the “Na Ratunek Dzieciom z Chorobą Tumorą” Foundation. On a daily basis, we also run activities for the patients of the Cape of Hope paediatric oncology clinic. We want the hospital walls to be filled with good energy, mutual support and joy in simple and everyday matters.

You are welcome to join our team! All you need is to be vaccinated!

They are people who voluntarily and without remuneration provide help, engage in work for the benefit of people and institutions operating in various areas of social life. They can be found, among others, in orphanages, hospices, social welfare homes, museums and animal shelters. They work in public institutions, non-governmental organisations, cultural and sports institutions and many others. They are volunteers.

Before undertaking such activities, it is useful to know what volunteering is. Everyone has their own idea of volunteering – some associate it with accompanying the sick, the disabled, rehabilitation, caring for children in orphanages or hospitals. For others, volunteering is about collecting money, food, free legal advice, translation. Everyone builds their associations about volunteering on the basis of previous experiences. It is worth bringing this concept down to a common denominator, to give the distinguishing features of voluntary work.


How do we help?


Charitable activities

We support the charitable actions of the “Na Ratunek Dzieciom z Chorobą Tumorą” Foundation. We take part in the events and actions organised by it. Both those within the Cape of Hope and those organised externally.

We contact donors and encourage them to support children with cancer. We also help the Foundation with office and administrative work.


Ward volunteering

We come to the children for individual meetings during which, for example, we play together, play board games, read books, tell stories, draw, paint or simply talk.

We are involved in organising birthday parties. We make sure that our charges have as many reasons to smile as possible. We prepare surprise presents, sing “Happy Birthday” and have fun together.


Multimedia activities

Cape of Hope is equipped with a room where we play Xbox, Playstation together with the patients and have the possibility to move to another world by means of Virtual Reality.

This is a way for Cape of Hope patients big and small to relax and enjoy themselves, to spend their free time creatively, but it is also an opportunity to develop teamwork and teamwork skills.


Getting to know the world

With this project, we address the children’s desire to explore and experience the world. We work with children through all their senses, stimulating their imagination and their desire to discover the new.

Among other things, we prepare art, music, travel, dance, cooking and language activities for the little ones. We are often assisted by guests representing different professions, lifestyles, passions and cultures.

The Game Cave

We believe that education and intellectual effort support the healing process. A healthy mind is a greater force in the work of recovery. To activate our Podiatrists, Volunteers lead group activities during which they play educational games and have fun.

Creative entertainment, fun combined with learning and, above all, the children’s smile and joy – this gives us strength and energy!


Action volunteering

We cooperate with large, commercial companies, thanks to which we take part in interesting events and can reach a wide audience.

The “For Hope” Charity Dinner, the AmCham picnic, the JLL Real Estate Industry Charity Beach Soccer Tournament or the #BiegamDobrze campaign – during such events we run collections, promote the Foundation’s activities and invite you to help children!

Our Volunteers are extremely kind, warm and empathetic people with indefatigable energy and a great desire to help others.

Their daily task is to help children with cancer who are being treated in Hospitals in Scotland and Poland. They want the hospital walls to be filled with good energy, mutual support and joy. Their motto is: “Cape of Hope full of life”. Their help is also indispensable at various events organised by different organisations – they hand out flyers, encourage others to help and make sure that there is a lot of good energy around.

If you are looking for an idea on how you can get involved in helping the little patients of Cape of Hope, please contact us. Together we will find a way to make your passions come true and combine them with helping our patients.

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