Our history


The Foundation was Founded in 2017 in Poland (Savannah Maria Biniak, Gabriel Mariusz Biniak, Mariusz Biniak)

Firstly, our foundation is a non-governmental organisation. This means that we act for a specific purpose and not for profit. Secondly, we hold the capital allocated for that purpose. Thirdly, the purpose of the foundation is socially and economically useful. What goal fulfils these conditions? The development of families and children in the region, the promotion of culture and assistance to people in need (mainly children) – these intentions meet the condition of our Foundation. Our Goals are legal, non-profit, real and non-supporting members of the authorities. How does our foundation work?

The basis of our activity is the statute – a document drawn up by our Founder (founder). The statute contains information such as the name, aims, and structure of the foundation. It also defines the principles of functioning of the Board. This is an extremely important point, since the foundation’s activity without the management board is illegal. The Board is therefore an indispensable body, consisting of 3 to 5 individuals, including the President of the Board. It performs an executive function in the foundation. Its members must therefore be competent in the management of the organisation, capable of representing it with dignity and dealing with financial matters, while preserving the provisions of the statutes and complying with the law.

The founder appoints the first board. He then became its member. The Foundation cannot exist without assets. Therefore, the Founder allocated it to the fulfilment of the aims set out in the Statutes. The amount of the assets is specified, e.g. in the foundation act (declaration of will stating the establishment of the foundation). The assets include cash, securities and real estate.

Despite the fact that the foundation does not operate for profit, it indirectly conducts economic activity and allocates its income to the accomplishment of its statutory goals. The foundation employs individuals whose aim is consistent with the aim set out in the statutes. There are full-time employees, although we rely mostly on community work.

Update 01.03.2022

Currently, the activities of the Foundation are directed towards the protection of children in Ukraine :

• Ongoing assistance • Relocations • Education • Legal aid

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