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About Fearless


Fearless is the dedicated youth service of the independent charity Crimestopper’s. We give young people the power to report crime 100% anonymously

You can give information to us using our online form or by calling our freephone number, 0800 555 111

We cannot track your IP address or your phone number. We have no way of knowing who has contacted us.

After receiving your completed form or your call, we create a report, ensuring it doesn’t contain any info that could identify you, and your report is then sent on to the relevant authority with the legal responsibility to investigate. 

We are not the police. We are a charity. You will not be contacted by the police after passing information on to Fearless as the police have no way of knowing who the information has come from. 

Want to know more? Have questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQs


How to talk to young people about reporting crime


For young people, reporting crime can be a difficult decision. One way you can assist is to help the young person to detach themselves from the information – it’s not about them but about the information they have.

When someone reports something to keep others safe, whether to a trusted adult, the police or, they are being an active bystander.

It is important to change the narrative of crime reporting when talking to young people. They are not being a snitch; they are helping make their community, friends and family safe. They are creating a safer place for everyone to live.


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0800 555 111

100% anonymous. Always.

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